Anny Ballardini



to Andrew Lundwall

for his new melancholia's tremulous dreadlocks



tremulously dreading

blocking states

melancholic fugues


when lingering turns to



1514< 34 Dürer

etched in time


projections bounced back

into introspections


improve/ involve/ -ment

goes by unpaid


clinically depressed


the heavy machine

rusted & at rest


“We haven't been on our way for very long,
Only fortythousand years from the caves,”*


cavernicolous man

curbed by caged

bureaucratic wreaths


grief y/our companion


dear sister

of the ethereal violet shade


* from Douglas Clark’s Magicians

Anny Ballardini lives and teaches in Bolzano, Italy. She is the curator/editor of the Poets’ Corner on the Fieralingue site. Among her many translations from and into English and Italian, several are the poems by Authors featured on the Poets’ Corner, as the long poem In RI by Henry Gould, Smokestacks Allegro by R. Cominolli, and The Renaissance of the Self by Arturo Onofri. Her blog can be found under Narcissus Works.

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