Marcia Arrieta

mountains & identities

we travel nowhere really

circles   triangles   squares

a turquoise strand of silk entwines us in a tree's branches

we dream light & believe in chance

all along doubting our goodness

we examine silence

suspended rain fashioned into wings

the sun in a dream.  the indiscretions.  imaginedburied.
conversations of no consequence.  year after year.
we open another bottle of wine.  who are you?  who am i?
coyotes in the canyon howl.  wildflower seeds planted.
remove your glasses.  loosen your hair.  thinking through
silence or a door closed.

air dissolves words
into a portrait of the sea
or a bird veiled in flowers

remove your coat
air is a road
where we meet as strangers

Marcia Arrieta
has been published widely in the small press throughout the years. publication credits include tinfish, so to speak, xtant, heaven bone, 88, score, abraxas, poetry salzburg review, cold mountain review, osiris, big scream, lost & found times, yefief, the midwest quarterly and others.

her chapbook experimental: was published by potes + poets press (CT). she has edited & published the poetry journal indefinite space for fifteen years.

Visit her at

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