translator of novels
fiction I do
back of the garage
depend on your lampoon
reminiscent either
it'll fly modest
that we learn
zone like tender
wound up new
couldn't stop


women had
sisters with us

I one
at a time

the truth
found this bed

a flash flood
traded the keepers

strict noncommunication
was photographed


ceremonial plaything followed clanking
metal thud running
eyes looked young
beckon a rusty man
pond followed pond through the woods
edge next to the device
said voice was tiny
torn road thrown aside
wonder gestured at the opening
you have managed an insurrection


Audacia Dangereyes
runs Stone Age Type ( & publishes Portable Islands, a soon to be unveiled irregular ezine which purports to incite poetic terrorism.  She spends her summers writing & photographing on Washington Island in the icy waters of Lake Michigan.

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