John M. Bennett

Rushed ant

rushed you droppy half and misted less
trash soak ,prance the coughing air
rotting sleep and light flies climb
your nitch and lung and leak and lick

red rain ,humping ,log dance ,seep less your

pilldom wallowed ,smear the guts and rain
stinking in the shed your cruster sluffs
my nap a wallet rotting ,sink your shorts
red ear whistles in yr coffee like an ant

Hum ink

hum and glance and rib and knife and
focus on the boardfish ,long rat hand
against the doorway ripples ,hoser flag
bubbly in the basement like a storm

throttle limp crack your sop and bubbly

so stained the page half mister limp ?
cussed and blot and oh and mort and fried
tripas in the afternoon the clang light dust
throttle ,stink ,craft ,thorn ,ink

Cloc k

hock heap d win dled por key s patter qu
ick a d unce b urns the how s he d ying ?do
or burst win dow a f lame g ate my w rist
.so waf ting ,so c lock g runt or cheats the
sock ban nurd a gamy s kin loss s cream
boil yr weenies chuck the musturd up a log lung s pit

S treak

stup an c lap a gust pas t cha mping c lods
uh eep chew s porty tran ce s tuck up t here w
hy dand le hymn why s can the h eel d ump
couldn’t go streak g uns hoo ting the bur
ger s ack c lot popper .c hunk a s perm dr
agging cross yr l egg pallid slamwich .huzzah

P lease

bog golly ,oil glans tub soup er shudder in the
crus ted w all pounded glance g lanced h alf
s pitty like yr tuner salad s potty with the
k nobs ‘n s lugs pencils p lease oh chew yr
p nuts an aiming for the window s pot an sp
lit an s pun an sp rawl an s pan an s pire

Calling brooms

calling ,gnidahs ,gushing ,gnippil
clod damper ,humps of boom dust
,yr phone kael the – eci dance the
dunce ecnud screen licker “bushed”

chimp muscle flopping

trade the sandwich for a regnul
trade the gnihguoc for a blowtox
trade the rumbling for a mrotseugnot
trade the hsidpaos for a chili bowl

limp rustle stopping

ash contraption - what you glowered
- beast of spray – spents time or
cushion stink - hustle dream – dud
clobbers thumping in the closet - brooms

Muttered soup

,muttered ,blooming ,facing ,snoring
,toppled ,soldered ,clinging ,nodding
,buttered ,bladdered ,stoppered ,scalding
,balding ,flaming ,uttered ,spraddled

cheap chug wall

tense and guttered ,you were foam
ed booming crashes blathered rice and
chinups like a champ soggy knees and
socks your expectoration sang

all hung deep

fluttered coarsely like a candy bowl
mattered thickly like a candidate
blustered lightly like a frozen dinner
jiggled brightly like a corn soup

Traced doorway

traced the ladder toward the storm
faced the undies toward your mask
chased the window toward the air
crazed the phonebook toward the corpse

I sung my bean rendition

and flop and doubt and wheeze and drum
and gnat and corn and sink and slug
and page and wipe and rant and pall
and knife and soup and clay and pop

you rung your butt contraption

rinsing ,I was foldered in the tonsil
where your cumulation gasped ,a mutt
ered loaf rancid with your lubrication
:what I stammered in the doorway

John M. Bennett has published over 200 books and chapbooks of poetry, visual poetry, and other materials. Among the most recent are rOlling COMBers (Potes & Poets Press), Mailer Leaves Ham (Pantograph Press), Chac Prostibulario (with Ivan Arguelles; Pavement Saw Press), and Loose Watch (Invisible Books).


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