Gina Myers

The Trap


Endearing insistence.Forgetful prey.

This house has burned for 900 nights.


So it goes: tiny comfort, a brief surprise.

The acting out of something sinister.


Wicked little chore, wicked little

here-&-there, burn & burn & burn.


Lonely pioneer.Ignoble officer.

In the box: the framed syntax.


Trace the edges.The rat banking

against the walls.Revile this act.


Sing it twice & itís twice as nice.









The Window Facing Winter


If anger fades as it rises, folds itself

††††††††††† into a paper crane.

If happiness never wears a hat or meets

††††††††††† itself in the street

a broken picture frame left on the curb.

If happiness were a hero smiling

††††††††††† down from a parade.

The snow keeps falling.A door leads

††††††††††† to another door to a room

Iíve never entered.

All the shops are locking their gates.

We hold our hands over our mouths

††††††††††† for warmth, huddle over

what is not being said.

We have our secrets we prefer to keep.

We do not trust what is too good.

A shadow moves beneath the door.

Winter waits & listens & promises its worst.

& we go on preferring the intimacy

††††††††††† of an empty bed the clock

that ticks but does not turn.







Metropolitan Ave. Dance No. 1


I will myself into a bird.I might be a sparrow

or a robin or a broken plate.I might


not be any of these things.I might hide

in the shed or sing a wicked song.


I might sing e-i-e-i-o.I will myself

an audienceóeveryone claps or sings or


does nothing.I will myself into a frame,

tuck in my arms, my legs.Perhaps I begin


again, this time with a partner.Partner says

you sing a wicked song.


Partner says sparrow-dishplate-birdsong.

Partner says no, no, youíre doing it all wrong.









Iím not even trying


The ticket lost is long gone.

Iíve run out of things to sell.

The check bounced.

The phone lost your call

& then I lost your number.

I just put water on to boil.

I became distracted by

the headline: Five new ways

to a better body!

The train went express.

I accidentally took one too many

aspirin.I havenít had

my morning cup of coffee.

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