Johannes Göransson

The crawled interior

the punched-out halo

the x-ray carnation

sewn out of insulation

burnt cork tattoos

take the place of

another shellshock


Jean Genet’s Advice, Whispered in an Elevator Shack




photograph male organs


wear a necklace infected


sound grainy


stick-figure the calyx


pretend wasps


your wedding dress must be colored in


your blackout must be uncontrollable


a heart beats like a bouquet


a child beats like a a swan


slur the hands in the kidnapping




use a looted model


in this movement we are fashionably colonial



The exhausted blossom is a ballet of pulp

and the masses have head injuries of salt


When the statues are toppled and the sparrows

are posed on the dance-floor stroked


we belong to a different auditorium the cabinet

has been picked-through like a sparrow


the close-up has been a lamb but not you

lounge braceleted with an epidemic


with a transistor radio with a gouge with

a child’s face with a glamorous landscape


if you did not sound so gauzed on tape if you

flinched for me we could call it fashion



The president gives his stump speech

and the garaged shells provide entertainment

while we map out wipe out out-reference

Hollywood as an allegory a jacked-off

sideshow to the nightingale in my make-up.



Off-Screen President: More nightingales in the makeup!


The cunt scene is porky and the clean-up

is a thrash of rubbed swans

in turpentine

I wash my bruises clean and achieve

a proper night parade

Johannes Goransson was born and raised in Sweden. He is the coeditor of Action Books, which published his book of translations Remainland: Selected Poems of Aase Berg last fall, and Action,Yes ( He recently edited special Swedish poetry issues for Typo ( and Fourteen Hills. Next winter Ugly Duckling Presse is going to publish his translation of the Finland-Swedish avant-gardist Henry Parland's *Idealrealisation*. His poems and translations can be found in print journals like New American Writing and jubilat, and in online journals like Octopus and Double Room.


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