Jessy Randall

Please Donít Slam the Door on My Eyebrows

EYEBROWS: dreaming the eyebrows are hairy, and of a good grace, is good,
especially to women. But the eyebrows naked and without hair, implies she will
be afraid to marry. But if either man or woman dream their eyebrows are more
comely and large than they used to be, it is a sign they will do feats in the
matrimonial way. 
Le Marchandís Fortune Teller, and Dreamerís Dictionary (Dick & Fitzgerald, 1863). 

But what about the dream where
your eyebrows grow so long and curly and luxurious
that they become like tendrils or tentacles and you become
like a giant plant-squid of hair fluffing out
in all directions? We've all had that dream. 
It's universal. Yet we are not all happy in love.
So, I have found a flaw in this dream book. Ah hah!
My eyebrows and I will make our graceful exit now. Please don't
slam the door on my eyebrows.

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