Kudra Delaney

Seven Cities

half-colored genuine
me but

a milkface
This one's too dark "My
   skin's not that dark."

We watch the little things you do.
a mama's sordid recipe,
the whiskey
the rice

in stomache, claus
   eat the bird
   sticky throat
   an easy

1 iscratchmyhead

   the feathers scatter your bedsheets
2 yourfingersitch

   to scale my jawline
   you scratch your head
   you, a

frigid & quiet, deviant
my stupid little anker
i know she's kind of spaced like
your drunk mama,

she's nervous. This
pigment's too dark
  "you must be
hiding the cream
behind your pretty back" -

just milk

German girls;
"Inkblot," you've
sheltered me

   such as mamas
   who wear milk like medals;

whiteheart, as sir,
to still body
lay. (Leech,)

so lucky she didn't die at twenty.
3 "heheldherhand"

   down a dark trail walking
   seen the highway lights
   following an ugly noise

"I don't trust these woods,
baby -

  can I think of you like that?"

to see
your teeth
4 i'dneverridmy-selfofyou
   I know

look at
my feet&
plum-paint on long toes
   (they're skinny,)
down up and down
to polished oak, paint
smeared. The song

was rambling a
lunatic - you

are him,he is
my hunter-friend,we scale
fat trees, wide grass, great
spaces between

   and sickness.

   body was

5 we'dquit-thepipe
   and lying to friends,
   rolled cigarettes,
   cheap and

This past year has been grainy,
an unbearable dream, but
I don't sleep, and
   I'm not awake.

6 youshowercoldbeforesleep
   I leave my feathers on your bed
   the sky is telling a tale

7 istandintherain
   "she named seven gods
   one for each year
   your face, crescent-shaped
   has seen in moonlight
   a dance."

   your body sways,
   my legs stumble

   than my words.



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