Lena Dunham

Take Two


I. Vision


The boy and girl drink lemonade by her

depressed aunt’s pool and his penis pops out


of his shorts, a cocktail frank resting fatly

on the lawn-chair. Later, she takes her shirt off


while they bike, lets her nakedness blow,

a normalizing wind. He rides ahead to wait behind


the “Welcome to Town” sign. She swerves into a car.

A concerned twenty-something jumps from the front seat,


asks the sexless child at his feet where she is from.

II. Revision


Squatting above the toilet, poised to pee,

but am stopped by the sight of them


out the open window, spreading their skins

on the tar-paper roof. His boxers, the faded stripe


of mattress ticking, legs knobbed, slick

and furry like my father’s look in pictures


from before I was born. And the girlfriend—

a thick scar zips its way down her stomach.


Her nipples puff like cookies in the lower oven.


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