François Luong



Lichen dulled

          his body lace.


Menace depended on

          a coercible devil

decentering his reeling.

          Frieze emigrants


claimed stains, some

          more, allegedly


decoding aliens.


          Lore quelled nouns

past blessed overtures

          during bombardments,


lest populations enforced

          evictions. Conditions

                    preceded bumpier

sounds the devil dished


                     at a disused

principled theater, dealing

          gear cups to the rest

          of the dupes.


Equipment dramatized cement,

                    detouring agencies

          specialized in one deviant

lance. Landing on a pelt,


          urgent alloys poured

on populations ministered

                    by the lightban.


Ill denouncements

absolved          total reaction,

kindling          his body lace,


          & the leopard doodled

satin, stalled among

          decent meters, dissertating

          deposited ions.


          Dealing with final

          violations, disengagements

prospered legit verse,


not a liable lore

          deterred by reeling.


Luminal sat London

          in sequel depart,

          the encounter modeling

deckling kilohertz.

Demarked raged deported

          parole diminished after

stringed salons.          Lazy reeling


          laughed in letting a melon,

geodic competence, debark



Still reeling

          from the loss

of his body lace,


          the runaways

poured stringed ilea

          into satin.


Lore rising

          the cement of

this encounter,

the devil drew


          a charcoal Aeolian.


Risen Caliban

          venting dread,


we were in the midst of war

          and knew nothing

          about it.


His body lace reeling

with decent meters

          arboresced the devil

for lack of intensity


          enthroning poor Caliban

as king of the hollow world.

          Arbiter of luminal

nimble fingers, the rarefied


world of lepideptora

          spent the sequenced

departures in exhibition

of his body lace

          & light ban



lingering in common


and quantum bombardments.


The seafronts mentioned

regalements          incurred

in the course of pulsating

          dangled sectors.


The marooned aliases

          touted prime delay,

fronting havoc as reefed

          sound, blessed dance

as reeling. So long one


          ported parole declared

his reeling, dance

          would rest

          on his body lace,

denizen of Persia


demeaning fangs. Ethane

          severely immersed,

the preface despaired

for pulsars, hours sullied


comradely. The lures

          miscoded moles

& perked bombardments,

          soiling sourced litanies.


The lead cabinet ran

          into an avid rejection. Lest

          plans didn’t extend


soon, the offensive

          terrestrials would pare

the labor, jetting in part

visits to a repost.


          Enforcers departing

from his body lace,

          the pushers killed

meters, honoring the warfront

here & this reel.



expert grandstands

          dealt arms deterring

holy banal cabinets,

set pronouncements


          touting for pouring

intensification. The fripperies


          his body lace.


“O lightban,” said

          Solon, “discourse

governs no metal.”

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