Bob Marcacci


her words are unfamiliar          impossible
         to be more than what they are
     a gray area in the language
             in the song
        her voice reaches
 here where we lie          listen
    to a fragment that sounds
               comes back when you hear it
      music          what you say
               if you are incredibly sad
                    there is no other way to see
                        her singing
             seducing to a whisper
 left wanting the song to go on because it ends
                 with her voice
                i can almost feel



tweak on wet grass
 in electric AM neon
 signs teach this flicker in language
    which names buildings
   sweet pink
     cool blueblink
      i think
    therefore i sink
  into this dew-drink
      in my phosphorescent stink
       abed in my buzz and glassine preen
                        i lick myself!
       geek on the grass green lawn
         spawn of walt's beautiful
             uncut hair of graves
       and a broken letter
     i taste the warm light if i can


 the geologic
    will be be considered important        the formation was
      a subduction zone
 awkward in that it would seperate along
                    the west coast
               a sedimentary rock that was eroded
                                probably a surf zone
                    and wave action worked
            on the unconformity
                       the seas were in a regressive state
   regression continues

 again along warm streets              peopled
       with lonely faces in sad light
             who will not be here
 rise                in a tired world
    follow as they wander home
   while their shadows circle
           some know they will meet
         where stars begin               fade
        turn again toward their doorway

Bob Marcacci is a San Francisco State University graduate and native Californian presently living and writing
in Beijing, China,  his poems have appeared in many print and electronic publications around the world.
Recent work has appeared in Dirt, Dusie, Issues, Moria and Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry. He has published
four e-books and one chapbook. Also, Bob hosts the International Literary Open Mic every Wednesday evening
at The Bookworm in Beijing.


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