Pierre Joris


Another end to writing/reading # 18



you cannot touch the


                   but you can look

where looking was forbidden.


            a shadowy suspicion

            an aroused content


disturbing to psyche

            but “Psyche was

a searcher in the story,

   as a consequence of her looking

      when looking is forbidden.”                R.D., HD Book p. 292


Look there, every-

   where look at her.


            But we look to touch

and do so in the act

of looking —


            the desire of / in

the eye — fires

to hand to advance

            he is looking to touch”


(touch assures being

ear /eye /nose assure well-being                         J.D. Le toucher, p. 61

            sez Aristotle

All you ever can write about

            is yourself.


All writing ever talks about

            is something else.

but the ear

is the middle

voice, in


one out the other

side, tympanum

or hymen


whatever plays either

side, the skin mem-

brane is


hide of an intelligence

more telling than

the core


so grey and massive

a night in the ear

in medina


the medully of tone

is articulated affect



in the middle of

things, the double

heard heart.

Nothing No one nowhere never”


                                    (Arno Schmidt, opening sentence)



the path always leads

back into the brain


where at the snap of

a synapse you


carry on as if you knew

where you are going.


that boot full of brain

walks into itself


as earth drives the

nails up to distraction


tracing furrows

you can neither follow


nor assume. You are

the bootstrap theory


of your own going away.

Gray day. A mass measures


you in quanta of absences.

The pass is to get through.




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