Reb Livingston


Seven Spell


conjured in a closet;

seven minutes in a delusive boon


deep breaths shallow,

ankles stretched, entwined


ribs padded with throbs,

bells and trance


it never ended and then

it ended


the spell distant,

retrospect, precious


the doorways, hall-

ways, the fleeting pitter


patters gaze

up a long flight of stairs


something's still

there to behold


is it sorcery or charm?

invoke a comely name for it


recall your palms

flattening my thrum,


my thrum, my good judgment groped,

ravaged, delirious

Brevity is Not My Soul

for a few minutes, I tricked myself


placed faith in the talent of fingers


speculated past lives wanted relived


it ended and it never began


blurry as truth, I


averted more than eyes


no future tryst scheduled, our ankles


never to entwine again, and this was your


aspiration, you always understood and it


occurred and it didnít occur to you


just how unjaded I was clasping hands


here I am, conjuring more liability


here I am, spare one moment more, spy my


tripping, a paper trail of failed chants and exhibits


a few scratched lines I pray will suffice

Another Roundabout


Neither courage nor fear smite

tears for they have no way to reach here.

Growing up meant


boarding up, moving, no forwarding address,

no longer bunking with lies of chipper guise.

Growing up, the formal introduction to joy,


Complicated and controlled

my own state-of-the art pleasure dome, a

high-secure facility I rule as Caesar.


What I'm admitting to is kidnapping

possibly slavery, she cannot

leave, take visitors, she's mine alone.


Muzzled and panting, joy heads my chariot,

Drags me round and round the pit-filled track.

It's just us two girls.


I laugh.Often.

This is my will.

This is my given.

On Realizing There Wonít Be a Ceremony


Donít call me feminine and excessive and screw you, I know that temple, I took her picture and

it's she who doesn't remember me, the only one who knew to bring a red fritter to the reception.

She thinks she's cute and I'm impressed with her sanctity and her little pews too.

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