yes yes yes (from fuckscapes)

beneath the drum hurt
                                  axel of your breathing
white coins unfold
                             the gnawing jut
faÁade of lanterns
                            send cornea through a pinhole

we are pretending
to be heard
pretending to suffer
this warm lens
of movement

oh christ
             the wetly tapped
                                        morose codes

you are praying for distance
from the hands of your infancy

              who cares who cares
                      i want you screaming
                                        and pregnant

tap out your game show
                                      all across my fuck

Rape Festival, Miscarriage Parade (from fuckscapes)

You put out a fatwa on my uterus.
Thatís how much you care.

Follow me with a soup can
for the miscarriage parade.

I squat over a noose all day.
Appreciate me.

Iím eleven when I celebrate
my first rape.

My uncle scarfs a cake
shaped like me.

I lead you into an alley
and fondle your eyelids.

You say this sex is like sitting
through your own autopsy.

Well, whack my clit with a staircase.

Iíll find someone who rents their penis
out to billboard companies.

Sit on that commercial
and tell me you donít
come dollar signs.

the chorus of holes (from fuckscapes)

sin of a thousand
plate the wall

for each row my psalms
           have whimpered

your voice sieg heils
           my eardrums

flip on the blenders
and pretend I have slept
with the dancing switchblade

you always bleed this cursive:

                     knife your cum
                     into my sinuses
                     i will gargle out
                  portraitures of us




Sean Kilpatrick
is studying forensic photography. He has poetry and short fiction published or forthcoming in sixty magazines, including: Poetic Inhalation, Action Yes, Unlikely Stories 2.0, Exquisite Corpse, Southern Gothic, wire sandwich, Kulture Vulture, Outside Voices 2008 Anthology, etc. His first book is forthcoming from Six Gallery Press. His blog is made of author interviews:



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